001: Love Your Ego | How to Overcome Fear, Anger, & Judgement

If you have a struggle you can be assured that your ego is involved. With love, all things are easy, so why does it seem some things are just so dang hard? It’s the illusionary aspects of the ego that can make it so, and one thing that is potentially the greatest illusion of all time: when the ego tries to disguise itself as you. Enter the insane ego, the ego that has tried to take over, take control, and confuse your identity.

The clearest thing to know: you have an ego, but you are not your ego. As simple as that sounds, people confuse their ego for themselves all the time. For example, every time you say that you’re angry, you’ve bought into the confusion.

And saying all of this, it would be easy to think that the ego is your enemy, but that thought itself is another of the ego’s “tricks.” As a part of you, it is meant to be loved, and when we love this part of ourselves we see it for what it really is.

Discover how the ego works, the language it uses, and how you can use this knowledge to move past anger, fear, and judgement, live life from the heart, pursue your dreams, and experience your true self.

001: Love Your Ego | How to Overcome Fear, Anger, & Judgement

by Kevin Oberhausen | The Kevin Oberahusen Podcast