Latest Past Events

New Paradigm MDT Basic Master Healer

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago 1304 W Washington Blvd, Chicago

Learn how to facilitate hands-on energy work for yourself and others, how to distinguish your ego from YOU, and how to live your life on your terms and from the heart. This workshop dives deeper, connecting the bridge between spiritual growth and real-world results, like: Building Unstoppable Confidence and Self-Esteem Creating A Relationship That Lasts […]

Psychic Development

Online via Zoom

This is a monthly offering designed to help people discover, develop, and trust their intuitive (psychic) abilities. Each gathering features a new exercise, process, or meditation, guided by Kevin and Jessica Oberhausen, professional energy healers and channelers. Kevin and Jessica assist each participant in learning to recognize the psychic abilities they already have, and develop […]

Meditations with the Divine Mother

Online via Zoom

This workshop is for people who identify as any gender, as the Divine Mother (and Divine Feminine) is an essential and present part within each person, and is important for any gender to acknowledge, embrace, and integrate. You’re invited on a journey of experiencing your own true nature and essence with Quan Yin and Mother […]