Ep. 025: Exploring the Nature of the Immune System w/ Damian Saucedo

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With winter approaching, martial artist Damian Saucedo joins me to discuss supporting the immune system and what Chinese Medicine calls Wei Chi, or Guardian energy, and how this relates to a holistic view of supporting the immune system, paying attention to the health of our mind and emotions as well as our bodies. Damian also shares 2 techniques from his deep martial arts training that are traditionally used to build self-awareness and the guardian Wei Chi.

One of those techniques is called Bagua Body Banging, a martial art and health qi-gong that builds the Wei Chi on all levels. While it starts with the body, Damian goes in-depth through the episode on how these physical practices start to move into deeper and deeper levels.

Here’s a video of Damian presenting the Bagua Body Banging practice:


Hope you enjoy the episode!


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