003: How to Change Your Life by Having Fun

I was feeling stressed. Stressed, overwhelmed, and this was a project I had been excited about. I decided to take a deep breath, step away for a moment, and look through some things to help me adjust. I felt particularly called to Abraham-Hicks that day, and then I went to one my biggest inspirations, Louise Hay. As I read, I got that deep breath I needed and realized: I need to just have fun with it. Not only will that help me get to where I want to go through my projects and in life, I’ll be enjoying myself. And that’s what this was all for anyways.

It’s amazing how we sometimes can forget that simple fact: we’re here for a good time. That all of our efforts and decisions come down to wanting to live a happy life. One that feels good, is fun, and feels fulfilling. Sometimes, all that ego stuff jumps up to get in the way, and sometimes we temporarily forget that you don’t need to do anything to get to the fun, you just have to have fun!

It reminds me of a story I once read on a wall at a Jimmy John’s (yes, a Jimmy John’s.) It was about a fisherman who lived in a village, who lived simply, making money with the fish he caught, spending time with his family, spending his free time doing what he pleased. A businessman came to him one day, and asked him why he didn’t expand his fishing business. He told the fisherman all about the ways he could build his business, upgrade to fishing boats and better market himself, build an empire, and eventually sell it all. The fisherman then asked him what he would get from doing that. “Well, when you sell the business and retire, you’ll get to do what you want, spend time with family, and whatever else you desire,” said the businessman. The fisherman simply smiled and turned him down. He already did all of that, there was no need to sacrifice his time and lifestyle to chase and build this fishing empire.

You don’t have to give up your happiness to get happiness. To sacrifice fun to have it later. All it takes to have fun, to have a joyful life, is to enjoy each moment.

A joyful life is only a string of joyful moments.

Additionally, having fun and being in that vibration will get you to your goals infinitely faster than stress & struggle will, and you’ll have the energy to enjoy them when you get there. (Anyone ever bust their ass making money only to not have the time or energy to enjoy it?)

Hidden in all of this is revelation that doing what you truly love is the way to have it all, and get to enjoy it. To have your cake, and eat the fuck out of it, too.

We talk all about how to find fun in the here & now, including when you’re stressed and struggling, and how focusing on fun will get you where you want to go in this episode. Listen below, or on iTunes | Stitcher

003: How to Change Your Life by Having Fun

by Kevin Oberhausen | The Kevin Oberhausen Podcast