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Free Online Workshop for Service Industry Professionals on Thursday, April 2, 6:30 PM Central


The service industry is one of the most impacted communities by social distancing. However, for those who don’t plan to make the industry their lifelong career, this time is perfect for getting yourself set up for what’s next. This free workshop provides actionable tips and advice that can be tailored to your financial situation so you can move forward with your dreams without breaking the bank. Whether you know what kind of business you want or how you’d like to make money after leaving (maybe you’re a performer, this can help you too), or if you’d like to be self-employed but aren’t sure what to do yet, by the end of this workshop you’ll have the clarity and readiness to start that next chapter, no matter how long it takes to get back to work.  

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About the Host

After working in the restaurant industry for 8 years, Kevin is now a coach and consultant who works with individuals, businesses, and non-profits, helping them launch their businesses, develop highly effective teams and workflows, be able to better service their clients, and make their own biggest life changes. His client list ranges from designers and holistic healthcare practitioners to start-ups and larger corporations that service some of the nation’s largest, most well-known brands. Additionally, Kevin hosts a monthly gathering called The Heart-Led Business Club at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, focused on connecting entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs in a setting that helps them develop a business focused on fulfillment, passion, and service, while still being highly profitable.

What to Expect


This workshop is hosted online via Zoom, and will focus on assisting three types of people. The person who:

  • Knows they’d love to have their own business but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Knows what business they want to start but needs some help getting going
  • Has already started their business but feels stuck or is unsure of their next steps

Throughout the event, Kevin will work with different people in the audience at different stages of their business journey and help them to apply different strategies to get them thinking differently, gain clarity, take action, and move forward to what’s next. At the end of the evening, you will have a clear sense of what steps to take next so that by the time you’re back to work you have something bigger you’re working for. You could leave with a new business idea, a new product to launch, or the clarity that finally gets you full-time self-employed.

You could turn this time into one of the most life-changing periods of your life.

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