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Every Tuesday I send out a distant group energy session at 10pm (central).

Distant group sessions make receiving energy work easy, simple, and more affordable (like group acupuncture except you don’t need to leave your home!) Group healing comes with it’s own specific benefits, including an enhanced sense of safety, release of fear, and deepening your connection with your Higher Self. And with each person that joins the energies and effects are only multiplied!

You don’t need to be awake for or schedule around these sessions. Signing up means you’re open to receive, and that’s all it takes! If you’d like, you can take the hour to lay down and be present during the session, but it’s not required (I do recommend trying it that way at least once though!) During the treatment you might feel different subtle sensations of heat, tingling, cold, drowsiness, a bubbly stomach, etc. You may also see colors (often with eyes closed), and there’s potential for emotional release.

These weekly sessions can also:

  • help you heal a physical condition
  • support your immune system, and keep yourself from getting sick in the winter months
  • help you recover (and recover faster), either after a hard time, after getting sick, or from extended work or fatigue
  • help balance your hormones
  • bring peace to your organs
  • bring peace to yourself
  • help you get back to feeling like you’re on track
  • help get unstuck in an area of your life (relationships, finances, physical health, career, etc.)
  • support you while going through a big change (like starting new a job or a business, moving to a new place, getting past a break up, or losing a pet or loved one)

You can sign up using the form below! Sign up for the next one ($9), or choose the $30/mo membership to save money and be a part of each week!